• Allergy and Ocular Surface
    T. Barisani (Austria), P. Hamrah (USA), A. Leonardi (Italy)
  • AMD and Non-uveitis CNV
    Q.D. Nguyen (USA), G.Querques (Italy)
  • Diabetes and Nonuveitic Ocular Inflammation
    S. Ishida (Japan), Q.D. Nguyen (USA)
  • Drug Delivery and Emerging Therapies
    A. Adan (Spain), M. De Smet (Switzerland), Q.D. Nguyen (USA)
  • Dry Eye
    E. Akpek (USA), C. Baudouin (France)
  • Endophthalmitis and Other Ocular Infections
    T. Lai (Hong-Kong), N. Rao (USA)
  • Epidemiology and Clinical Trials in Ocular Inflammation
    N. Acharya (USA), J. Kempen (Ethiopia), S.R. Rathinam (India)
  • Foster Ocular Immunology Society (FOIS)
    E. Akpek (USA)
  • Imaging in Uveitis
    C. Herbort (Switzerland), M. Khairallah (Tunisia), L. Arellanes (Mexico)
  • Immune Keratitis
    J. Hori (Japan), U. Pleyer (Germany)
  • Immunology of Ocular Tumors
    B. Bodaghi (France), H. Goto (Japan), J. Smith (Australia)
  • Infectious Uveitis
    SP. Chee (Singapore), V. Gupta (India)
  • Management of Uveitis Complications
    C. S. Foster (USA), A. Okada (Japan), R.W. Read (USA)
  • Noninfectious Uveitis
    J. Davis (USA), E. Fortin (Canada), S. Touhami (France)
  • Ocular Immunology and Immunopathology
    H. Kaplan (USA), R. Lee (UK), P. Yang (China)
  • Optic Neuritis
    V. Touitou (France), V. Patel (USA)
  • Orbital Inflammation and Infection
    D. Briscoe (Israel)
  • Scleritis
    P. McCluskey (Australia), C. Pavesio (UK)